The Groovy Warehouse is a modern creative agency built for the 21st century. This website was one my best pieces integrating modern JavaScript animations and beautiful imagery, this site emphasizes everything that is great about modern design without compromising on the website’s performance. This website includes a fully functional store and application for The Groovy Warehouse team. This site also deeply integrates with Discord, a new voice and chat application for gamers. For example, when a client purchases a product, a message gets sent into a Discord channel where team members dedicated for handling that certain product are individually notified for ease of use. The message contains all of the necessary information required for the team to appropriately create a beautiful product. Let’s say a fan applies to join the team, the entire application such user filled out is then direct messaged to the member who completed the form as well as being sent into a dedicated applications channel for the team to look over. I also custom developed a bot for the Discord platform that allows the The Groovy Warehouse to easily accept or deny new applicants. This is all possible by implementing Discord OAuth2 authentication directly into the site. It connects their Discord account to their Groovy Warehouse account allowing the website and Discord to seamlessly work together.

You can take a look at The Groovy Warehouse website first hand at 
You can join their Discord server to take a look at the bot (TGW Security Guard) or to see the integration for yourself here

July 4, 2019
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