matt malec

about me

i'm matt, a passionate fullstack developer based in new york.

web design

I can design and develop a beautiful website that makes you stand out from the crowd. Beautiful and responsive websites greatly impact sales and revenue in a positive manner. My services ensure that your site will be accessible 24/7 with the absolute upmost fastest speed and highest security in mind.

backend development

Creating an idea is easy, but turning that into reality is the challenging part. I always love a challenge and I can guarantee I will fulfill them with optimization, agility, and design in mind. All of my code is clean and concise which ensures longevity and stability no matter what system it's running on.

hosting services

From domain registration to custom email and website hosting, I can handle it all on the Amazon Web Services hosting infrastructure and the power of Cloudflare's performance and speed services. Using my services ensures stability, reliability, secured backups and agility on your website and email.

video production & effects

Having professional videos such as commercials or trailers offer an experience to your clients like no other. If you need anything related to video, I can handle it with ease. All of my videos have a modern, yet, professional feel to them that ensures the video gets the point across without any distractions.
my services
  • user experience
    • The best part of a functional website is knowing that your clients will spend some actual time on your site. All of my sites are designed with functionality and content as my number one priorities. That gives any future or recurring clients the piece of mind they deserve. No matter if it's a personal portfolio or a corporate enterprise, a modern and responsive website experience is the key to ensuring your clients' longevity.
  • plugin development
    • My code is guaranteed to run on every system with great speed. All of my code is high quality and reliable, while maintaining excellent performance. Not only can I create modern and responsive Minecraft plugins and Discord bots, I can create custom APIs and Java wrappers for your applications giving the people who develop on your platform piece of mind without jeopardizing on speed and security.
  • email hosting
    • Having a professional branded email with your business in mind is essential for productive communication. When you host your email with me, you can be rest assured that your messages will be secured and safe while sending and receiving at lightning speed.
  • website hosting
    • Fast, secure, and reliable web hosting is the key to a successful website. I can ensure that your website will always stay online 24/7 and work at exceptional speed no matter the amount of content so your clients can get the information they need without any overhead.
  • video effects
    • Maybe just your content isn't enough to score your target audience. Adding effects to your videos that not only continue to make the content the main point of focus, but also gives your video that push that it needed. All of the effects I use are tailored custom to the clients needs and standards which makes my effects completely unique. No matter the project size or type, adding effects gives your video the edge it needed to reach success.
the process

here's how the impossible is made possible

We will have either a phone call or a sit-down conversation discussing the client's plans and how I can make it a reality. This is where I get to understand their needs and wants as well as a possible estimate for the work.
working process
After all the information to start the job is acquired, I will then start the work and finish it in the time frame discussed (if applicable). I will contact the client if I need anything or would like to show the client an update of the work to ensure I'm building exactly what they have in mind.
testing time
At this point, the work has been completed before the discussed time frame giving the client time to look through their completed product and provide feedback. This would also be the time to make changes if necessary.
project complete
Your project has been completed and my invoice has been paid off in full. Now you and your clients can experience the product for yourselves and watch everything become even more amazing.
my skills

i've been in the industry for over 5 years

web design
video production & effects
hosting web & email

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Matt designed me a beautiful website from the ground-up that my competitors are drooling over! Great job, Matt! I would definitely give him the chance to make something else amazing for me.
Matt custom developed a bot tailored for our Discord community. Our members love the new bot and it keeps them coming back to play around with it.
fucking shit lad

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