KSoft4J is a Java wrapper I originally wrote for the KSoft.Si API, an API dedicated to making Discord bot developers lives just a little bit easier. This wrapper was my first large project with Java. It was originally was created by me, but is now being gratefully maintained with some help from Ben, a KSoft.Si user himself. This code fully wraps the API allowing anyone that is developing a Discord bot in Java to use the KSoft.Si API with ease to give them more features they can pack into their bot.

You can go ahead and take a gander at the code on the for the wrapper which can be found at https://github.com/KSoft-Si/KSoft4J
You can learn more about the KSoft.Si API on their website at https://api.ksoft.si
You can see some of Ben’s code over at his GitHub at https://github.com/BenjaminUrquhart

July 4, 2019
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