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I am Matt Malec, a 17 year old entrepreneur in New York who loves to code and make videos. I am the “tech support” in the family and I love to work with others. I started working with computers when I was just three years old. I didn’t really use my skills because I never knew I had them until I was in 5th grade. My teacher recognized my skills and introduced me to one of the technology education teachers in the building. I still speak with the teacher almost everyday now. I am glad to have kept the relationship that started almost 7 years ago. From there on, I have had the love to learn new things and continue to work with other to improve not only their work, but my work as well. You will never be done learning in life, and for myself, I still have many years to come. I am responsible when it comes to completing projects with a deadline and professional when it comes to those environments. I look forward to working with you.

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Absolutely amazing service, was very professional to me and my team. I would definitely hire Matt again.